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» New Walmart Concerns «
 Post Reply | Display replies to this message (25)  from Andrew Hyde 

On July 17, 2011, KOB news reported plans to open a new WalMart Supercenter at the intersection of Coors Blvd. and Montano Rd., in the open space near Bosque Prep. I, as a Taylor Ranch resident residing quite close to the site, am quite concerned and disgusted by this plan. There are already two Walmart Supercenters on Coors, both of which are quite close to Taylor Ranch. This new Walmart would disrupt our neighborhood through construction and traffic. Walmart Supercenters are not only shopping centers, but crime centers, as has been seen with the Walmart nearby at Coors and I-40. In addition, Walmart is well known for its human rights abuses and adverse effect on local businesses.

Concerned citizens: please help make fellow Taylor Ranch residents aware of this problem. Contact community and civic leaders l and ook out for an announcement of the public city meeting discussing the stores o you can attend and voice your opinions.

Organize with your neighbors to protect Taylor Ranch from Walmart.

Wed 13 Jul 2011 11:09:38 PM EDT

» Use of this Board «
 Post Reply | Display replies to this message (2)  from Larry Walsh 

It too bad this forum is not used more. It could be a good place for citizens and members to post crime watch information, garage sales, etc.

Sat 26 Sep 2009 06:03:36 PM EDT

» Skate Park «
 Post Reply | Display replies to this message (1)  from Justin Green 

Hello, I am just a regular fifteen year old skateboarder, I have noticed that there is no skate park in Taylor Ranch. I have been trying to figure out how to ask for one to be built, and I thought a nice place for one would be that one park right next to the community center and L.B.J middle school. I think it would be nice because it doesn't just give people excercise but it also cuts back on water, you dont have to water a skatepark ha. Also, all those who are like me and can't afford the gas to drive around to different skate parks, it would be nice to have one within walking distance. Please, hear me out. Alot of us would be greatful for one.

Mon 01 Jun 2009 07:21:39 PM EDT

» Equestrian Center Update «
 Post Reply | Display replies to this message (1)  from Jose P. Lopez III 

TRNA Board of Directors,

My name is Jose P. Lopez III and I reside at 5816 Morgan Lane NW. I am writing on behalf of myself, my wife and our two children. Our home borders Montano and what remains of the equestrian center. We have lived in Taylor Ranch since 1982 and in this particular home since 1994. In response to the flyer placed on our door Sunday 13 February 2005 regarding status of the Equestrian Center, we are NOT in favor of filing an appeal against the City Council's decision. We believe the decision is correct as it stands!

The equestrian center was a novel feature of the Taylor Ranch master plan and held promise for unique quality-of-life benefits in the community - a wonderful surreal dreamscape. However at some point we all need to get a grip on reality, and the reality is this: 1) The only people to benefit from such a feature were the very few who had direct involvement, who were willing to shoulder the minimal operational costs, and who were willing to donate their time to maintain the facility; 2) The majority of people in Saddle Ridge community and Taylor Ranch communities at larger were not the benefactor's of the equestrian center; and 3) and the now expired, almost zero-fee, 20 year lease was a key factor in equestrian center's success. In terms of today's business environment, the lease was unrealistic and at best a gift - the gift period is over.

I stongly believe the equestrian center concept is no longer viable and in the long run will likely have adverse effects on the Saddle Ridge community. I predict the facility will never again operate as it did. It worked as it did because the costs were minimal and the people donated their time freely to ensure the facilities were properly maintained and kept free from fouling the neighborhood. The number of horses boarded was no greater than 24 and was very manageable. My fear is that the equestrian center could likely become a business that will require an increase in the number of horses boarded and a decrease in the number of staff to offset costs. If this occurs, I predict an increase in noise, dust, flies, and odors that will be unavoidable and unacceptable. What will TRNA do then?

I also believe the current owners have come too far not to develop the property. I believe to continue to fight them is a lose-lose situation. After all the hearings, appeals, and rulings that have already occurred, what is the purpose of another appeal? Who will benefit from another appeal and who will pay for it? It seems wreckless and wasteful. The property owners have been patient with the community and are willing to work with the community to do good things. Why isn't TRNA willing to embrace the inevitable? I firmly believe we owe it to ourselves to move on and to assure ourselves that the community at larger can benefit from future development. That means getting involved in developing the property.

TRNA's attempts to save the equestrian center is recognized primarily by the spirited few who directly benefited from the equestrian center. For the rest of us who live in Taylor Ranch and particularly those who border on the equestrian center, we can benefit from having the property developed. If developed properly, the equestrian center can become a beautiful residential community that will increase the value of our existing homes and will add to the tax base more than 2500% over that generated by the equestrian center when it was functioning.

I believe TRNA will get responses to the flyer supporting the appeal, but those who will recommend the appeal are either the previous benefactors (a minority group) or those who are emotionally swept up by the novelty of what once was but is no longer viable. This is not a good reason to appeal.

I strongly believe that the majority of the people in the Taylor Ranch communities don't understand or don't know the issues because they have had no stake hold in the equestrian center. Unfortunately this group represents the silent majority of TRNA's constituency. This group will never benefit from the equestrian center. However they would benefit from the property being developed - they just don't recognize it. This then is a good reason not to appeal.

As members of Taylor Ranch communities and particularly of Saddle Ridge coummunity, my family and I expect that the TRNA will do nothing less than the right thing for the communities. And the right thing is to allow the appeal to stand and to engage the developers in building a value-added addition to our communities.

Finally, I had wished to represent my views in person at the 16 February meeting but am unable to due to business travel.

Jose P. Lopez III

Sun 20 Feb 2005 10:12:55 AM EST

» Montano Road re-striping «
 Post Reply from Suzanne Leuthner 

Why I’m against re-striping the Montaño Bridge to four lanes:

1. Adding more capacity only increases traffic; it does not alleviate congestion. Anyone who has ever lived in LosAngeles can certainly attest to that!
2. It is already nearly impossible to exit the new trail access parking area on the South side of Montaño, due to the relentless traffic in two lanes. The parking area will become completely unusable if there are four lanes of traffic to negotiate.
3. The congestion will only be increased on both the East and West sides of the bridge; the intersections cannot handle any more traffic, nor should they!
4. More capacity on the bridge will increase the traffic in the neighborhoods on the near West side, as more people in outlying areas use Montaño instead of Paseo or I-40. We are already going to suffer increased traffic due to the unfortunate extension of Paseo, which will encourage more people in areas such as Ventana Ranch to commute through our neighborhoods. Those people knew what their commute would entail when they chose to live out there; we should not have to pay the cost of their choice!

PS. Where are our pedestrian overpasses over the Coors raceway? There are plenty on Tramway that connect to nothing. We need to connect our homes with the shopping and Bosque, before deaths occur. Not all of us are permanently implanted in our cars!

Fri 14 Jan 2005 12:09:10 PM EST

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